Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Five Things To Do With an Old Sweater

    I have several wool sweaters that had been accidentally felted, that I have hung on to for years, thinking that "someday" I would do something with them.  Well, I finally got a sewing machine a couple of months ago, and now I can't stop thinking of ideas for what to do with my old sweaters.   The first thing I made was backpacks for the twins for Christmas.

                                Here they are wearing them.  They love their "packpacks".
     Of course I had to make Anna something out of felt too, so I made her a brush roll to hold her paint brushes.

     The great thing about both of these projects is that they cost hardly anything.  I had to buy webbing and bias tape for the backpacks, but that's it.  The material on the brush roll is from an old sheet, and the pretty mother of pearl buttons are off of an old shirt. 
      I also made play food...
Mittens... (these have obviously been played in; just ignore the dirt)

And Anna made little mice.  Now if I could just find the time to make all the other felted sweater ideas I have.

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