Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Winter Nature Table

     I made our first nature table today; the purpose of it being a pretty place to display nature finds, and a fun way to reflect the seasons.  I wanted it to look like winter, so Anna and I closed our eyes and thought about what meant winter for us.  The most obvious thing was snow, (we have lots of that right now) so I put a white piece of cotton material down, and we cut paper snowflakes and stuck them to the window.  The next obvious thing was bare trees, and for that I put a couple of branches in a jar with some rocks to keep them in place.  The branches were a perfect place to hang glass icicles.  I've had these for years, but they never showed up much in the Christmas tree.  I didn't even bother to put them on this year, but they look beautiful in our little "tree".  Next we thought about animals that are out during the winter,  so a couple of wool mice Anna had made, a bunny, and an owl made it to the table.  Someday I will make a squirrel and a few birds, since that is undoubtedly what we have the most of.  The next step was to put our outdoor finds on the table, which were  pitifully few at this time of the year.  We did manage to find some pretty Lunaria and a few pine cones.  I also had acorns on hand that I put into a small bowl.  Voila!  Our finished nature table! 
     Here's the little bunny and mice getting ready to eat some acorns.  Someday I will also make a little cottontail, as we don't have any dutch rabbits hopping about here. 

    Our owl, being a finger puppet, was easy to set on a branch, although Anna says he looks uncomfortable. 
     I am sure we will be finding new things to put on our table all the time.

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