Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Testing Time

     In compliance with our state law, Anna had her first annual National Standardized Achievement test yesterday.  Anna has never been tested for anything, ever, so I was curious (and I admit a little nervous) as to how she would do.  I didn't even do anything to prep her for it. We just kept on doing what we do, which is a very gentle, steady, no rush approach to learning.  It's definitely not "standard" , and so with taking a "Standardized" test I wondered if what she knew would show up on the test. 
     All said and done though, she did very well, which adds confidence for me to continue on with what we are doing.  Even if she had done, let's say "less than average" I probably would keep doing what we are doing, since I love it, but it's nice to have a little test score pat on the back.  I thought it was funny that one area where she didn't do as well, was story recall.  Considering the agony that is narration around here, I wasn't too surprised.  Eventually she will learn the art of narration, but for now, it's a bit like pulling teeth. 
     Anna is very different than me in many aspects, and it was never more apparent in seeing her calm confidence at getting ready to be tested.  It didn't seem to faze her one bit.  I was very proud.

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