Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Basic School Schedule for AO Year 3

         Every year I make up a new schedule for Anna's school.  This has been an invaluable tool, not only for me, but Anna as well, since she can look at it and see what comes next.  It helps for me to actually look at a spread sheet, and think about not only what Anna has to do that day, but our whole family, and how we all fit into the school schedule.  I put Bible first, since that is something we can all do together to start our day.  Next is something Anna can do mostly independently, because while she is doing her spelling or penmanship, I will use that time to read a story to the twins.  I am hoping that by having a little special time with them, they will transition better into coloring or doing little activity sheets, while I am helping Anna with her math. 
        Most of the AO readings will be done during the twins nap time. Here's hoping to get one more year of naps out of the twins!  I trimmed the AO schedule down a bit, to better fit our needs.  We are not reading Pilgrims Progress now, as I think this book will be better understood when she is older.  I also didn't schedule in American Tall Tales.  I don't see the need to read a whole book on tall tales.  The few culturally relevant ones, such as Johnny Appleseed, John Henry, and Paul Bunyan, can be easily read without being part of the school schedule. 
        The fun stuff is planned last, as that gives Anna something to look forward to.  Thursday is our co-op day, as well as Odyssey of the Mind.  That's enough for one day, but if I do need to get extra reading in, I can do then.

       P.S. I realize the word odyssey is misspelled in the schedule. I didn't notice it until I had already printed it out, so there it will remain.  Probably bugging me until I am forced to re-print it.

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