Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crocheted Moccasins

In an attempt to keep the twins tootsies from freezing (since they will not wear socks) I made these, very easy to make, moccasins. 
     The tops are made of three parts; the toe, which goes from the top of the arch to the toe; the heel, which is a long rectangle sewn onto the toe part after it's made, and then the cuff, which I cast on and knitted in the round.  You could crochet the cuff, but it's more stretchy knitted. 
     The sole has a insole of felted wool, (from a sweater) which is stitched to the top seam facing out, then a outer sole of leather.  The inner sole is as long as her foot, (plus a little growing room) and the outer sole is a half inch bigger than the inner sole all around.  I used a islet punch to punch holes in the leather before sewing it on to the moccasin with yarn. 
     You only need to make three measurements to make your own pattern.  The first is over the widest part of the arch. That will determine how wide you need to make the toe part. That's the width all the way till I rounded off the last three rows at the toe.  The second measurement is from the top of the foot where it meets the ankle to the toe.  That is how long the toe part needs to be. The third is around the heel to where it will meet with the toe part.

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