Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Anna!

     It's hard to believe that my little girl turned eight yesterday.  I take the kids measurements every six months, and so on their Birthday they get to see how much they've grown.  In Anna's case, she had grown two and a half inches since last year! 

     Her Birthday coincided with our homeschool co-op field trip, where we got to see and mingle with goats.  It was beautiful at the farm.  A wonderful, clear late fall day.

     Samuel loved the goats.  He just walked around hugging this one for awhile.  Thankfully the goats where very tolerant. 
     On the way to the barn, we passed through a wooded area, and Samuel kept asking if there were monkeys in the woods.  We kept telling him, "No, no, there aren't any monkeys here."  and he finally seemed to understand.  On the way back, however, Samuel and Abriel went exploring off the path a little ways, and  Dave jokingly calls out, "I see two little monkeys!"  (Meaning them) Well, you just don't joke like that with a literal minded child.  We like to never got them to stop looking for those two little monkeys!

     It was a great field trip, and we had a lot of fun.  The first thing Abriel said this morning was, "I want a goat."

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