Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November

     October was here and gone, and I feel like I've just blinked.  Why does time go so fast when you need more of it? 
     We've already had our first snow; (in October!) luckily not as much as we were predicted to get, and our power stayed on. Yipee!  Normally you just need to look at a power line funny, and our power goes out.  The kids played out in the slush a little bit, until Samuel threw a slush ball at Abriel, and that was the end of that.  I also realized that the kids have all out grown or lost their mittens, and I needed to make some more.  I found a great free mitten pattern online at five green acres.  I had some wool sweaters left over from some other stuff, and some unbelievably soft cashmere sweaters that I had been saving for the perfect project.  I used the wool for the outer layer, and the cashmere for the lining. They are sooo soft inside, it's like heaven.  I love thrift store sweaters!
     I just finished them tonight, after the weather warmed up some, but they'll be ready for the next time it snows. 
      Halloween night was still pretty frigid.  Not exactly a great night to be out trick-or-treating.  We shivered through a few minutes of trunk-or-treating at our church, and then decided to call it a night.
    That's the way to trick-or-treat.  You don't have to drag your kids around a neighborhood, but you still get loads of candy.  Candy, which I am contemplating eating right now.  Not that I need any, but less candy for the kids would be better for them right?  So I'm really just thinking of the health of my children right now.  Right.

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