Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Harmonious Housework

     One issue I have felt compelled to work on lately, is to display a more cheerful attitude while I am working around the house.  I am also trying to be more patient with the little ones (Samuel in particular) "helping" me with the house work and cooking.  These are both areas that I struggle with a lot.  The problem is that I really don't like house work.  In my mind, there are countless other things I would rather be doing than the never ending task of keeping the house from spiraling into chaos.  Most days I feel like Sisyphus, pushing that ball up only to have it fall right back down again.  Needless to say, when I am cleaning, particularly if I am in a hurry and there is a little some one rapidly making messes behind me; I can become a little less than pleasant really fast.  I then banish the kids as far away as possible, (which is usually only as far as the play room) and then go through the house cleaning as fast as I can, while once in a while yelling out things like, "What on earth are all these banana peels doing on the living room floor?"   " Do you realize what a laundry hamper is for?"  "Nobody is using anymore paper for the rest of the day.  There must be twenty sheets here!"  Meanwhile, the children are watching and copying.  Your children can be the most honest mirror there is. 
      So now onto what I am striving towards.  I have been working on doing the house work calmly and cheerfully, while also getting the children to help along side me.  Anna is at an age where she can actually be of some help.  The challenge with her is to get her to actually do it.  This is where enthusiasm comes into play. Because we like cleaning! Cleaning is fun! Right, Anna? Anna...? The twins love to help, but unfortunately are very bad at it. 
     Samuel is a very, very busy guy, and the best way to keep him content is to keep him working.  If I don't set him at a task, he will find his own.  In the picture above, I walked in on him washing the dishes.  He managed to do this without even a stool.  These past few days, he has been my little helper, working right along side me with everything. 
     All this has helped with the flow and rhythm of our home, and has made me more.... Tired.  Sometimes being happy is so much work.  Really though, I feel better too.

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