Saturday, September 8, 2012

Working with Kids

     I have recently been blessed with a flood of orders of the things I am selling through Etsy.  I'm thrilled that things are selling, but my shop is clearing out pretty fast, and I'm realizing just how long it takes me to make anything. 
     I've been working all day to replace my viking boat, which has sold.  There is a whole lot of sanding in one of those boats.  I am envisioning a belt sander in my future. 
     I've been trying to decide on a color for my new boat.  I like the green and yellow a lot, but I love trying out new designs.  I'm not the kind of person who can turn out the exact same thing over and over.  It might be a little extra work to make each and every thing unique, but it keeps me from getting bored. 
     If my time was my own, I could spend all day out in my shop, working on things.  But if I do that, when I come back to the house, it's chaos.  It's amazing how quickly the house can become completely blitzed, if I'm not there to rein in the mess making. 
     When I am working, Samuel is usually down in the shop with me.  He loves to sand scrap wood, and rummage through tools.  Anna and Abriel pop in and out, and usually play at least within ear shot.  They all love to hammer in nails.  Some times when they're all in the shop, talking, distracting, and getting into EVERYTHING,  I feel like I could give anything for a little uninterrupted time.  Then I stop and remember the reason I am working here, with my kids, is that I can be with them. 

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