Friday, December 3, 2010


     Anna had a very exciting day, as we have had our first bear encounter.  They are quite common around here, but we have yet to see one.  Until today.  Anna had gone out to the car to get a muffin from earlier that day that she hadn't finished.  She runs back into the house and slams the door while breathlessly saying "there's a bear in the yard!"  I run to a window and say, "Where, where?"  I just barely catch glimpse of it as it jumps off our pool deck, and dissapears in the scrubby area beyond our property.  As if that wasn't scary enough, when I asked Anna where the bear was when she was outside, she tells me that when she had gotten the muffin out of the car, the bear was right there in the drive way!  She slammed the car door as hard as she could, and the bear took off running towards the pool, and she ran inside. 
     When she told me that, my whole body went shaky.  What if the bear had tried to get the muffin?  What if the noise from the door had caused it to charge, instead of run away?  What if... a million different scenarios went through my head.  Thank you God, for having that turn out OK. Whew! What a day.

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  1. wow, Anna was so brave!! I'm not sure what I would've done... maybe lock myself in the car or something like that... lol