Friday, February 8, 2013

Number Four!

     The twins, unbelievably, are now four years old. I can no longer call them my babies, although I do anyways. For their birthday party this year, I decided to have a teddy bear picnic theme. I put a little more work into it than I usually do for Birthday parties. Normally we are very low key, but they were so, so excited about their Birthday, that I kind of got into it too.
Of course, since their Birthday is in February, we had an inside picnic.
    For the food I made teddy bear shaped rolls, mushrooms made from deviled eggs and tomatoes, and chicken salad sandwiches.   I borrowed an idea off pinterest for little acorn treats made with kisses and Ritz bits. 

      To make inside seem woodsy, I moved in some stumps, and put some blankets down for the kids to have their picnic on.  And of course, since you can't go into the woods when the teddy bears are having their picnic without being in disguise, I made all the little ones teddy bear ears.  They looked pretty cute. 

     Samuel, my little ham, posing with his mouth wide open, like he was going to eat the whole cake after the candles had been blown out.  He'll do anything for a laugh or a funny picture.

A sea of littles enjoying birthday cake.  The twins are blessed with many cousins (and a nephew) close to their age.  I do not have any cousins near my age, so I think it is great that they get to experience this. 
     Here's to four years of having these delightful, silly little people in my life. 
 I love you, Samuel and Abriel.


  1. I'm sad you don't update more; this blog is amazing! It has given me a lot of inspiration for what activities to do with my son.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing a peek into your life as a homeschool mom employing Charlotte Mason's methods! I wrote a much longer comment which disappeared into cyber-space... but your story resonates with me as I once had a little girl followed closely by boy/girl twins. A few years later we were blessed with our littlest girl named Susannah! Like you, I am a Charlotte Mason enthusiast and am always eager to see how this approach plays out in other families' educational journeys. I look forward to any future posts, understanding that in your season of life, long hiatuses are sometimes necessary! May the Lord bless you and your family!