Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning!

     Christmas has come and gone, and we survived; woo hoo!  Samuel was up at 5:30!  It was hours before daylight.  The kids love their stable and dollhouse, which is my reward for all the time I put into it.  Here it is all set up on Christmas Eve, waiting for Christmas morning. 
     Every single thing in this picture is made by me.  The toys that is.  Obviously not everything.  The house looks a little sparse, but I didn't have time, or desire at this point, to make any more furniture.  I will make more stuff eventually.  Anna managed to decorated it nicely with what we had.

   I also made Abriel a stroller.  This was not entirely made by me, but was a joint effort with my brother-in-law.  We made two strollers; one for his little girl and one for mine.  He made the parts that I didn't have the tools for, and I made the parts that he didn't have the tools for.  It worked out pretty well. 

       I also made crayon holders like the ones here, for my little nieces and nephew.

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  1. this playscape is AMAZING.the house too?? wow! love the little fences. i need to try this!