Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Coop

     This Friday we managed to finally finish our chicken coop!  The nest boxes were the last thing we did.  I was worried that they would start laying before we got them put on.  Now that we have them, I can't wait until I get to go out and collect eggs.  I've been looking every day with high hopes, but have yet to see an egg.
      Here's the outside, with the attached run, and below is the inside. The white pipe in the corner is my homemade pvc feeder.  It works great, and I never have any wasted food due to spillage.  I have three roosts, although the bottom one is not really a roost, but a means to hop up on to the higher roosts.  They can be taken out, so as not to be in the way when I change out the bedding. 
     The nest boxes can be accessed from outside, so that I don't have to go into the coop to collect eggs. 
     The circle on the far left was accidentally cut lower than the others.  I try not to look at it, as it bugs me to no end, but it works, and that's what is important.
     Here is a few of the chickens, with our beautiful rooster, Bergamont, in the middle.  He is a Golden Laced Wyandotte, and I got him exclusively because he it so pretty.  All of our chickens are named after flowers. We have, Clover, Goldenrod, Buttercup, Columbine, Daisy, and Snowdrop. We also have a cockerel, but since we are not planning to keep him, he has not been named.

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