Friday, July 15, 2016

Anna's Room (Before)

     Anna's room has been long over-due for a organizational re haul plus makeover.  Since I moved the twins out of her room, I have pretty much let her be in complete charge of keeping her room clean and organized.  I figured since what I was trying to teach her about keeping her things tidy was clearly having no effect, maybe if I let her work out her own system, she would find her groove.  Not so much.

     She had managed to fill every available crack and cranny with stuff. No rhyme or reason to it; just pack, pack, pack.  I think some people are naturally good at keeping things organized, and some aren't.  Anna is one of those who isn't.  Oh well, you can't be good at everything.
     I have spent the past two weeks, not only taming the chaos in her room, but also building shelves, putting up crown moulding, painting, installing closet doors, hanging curtains, and hanging pictures.  Her room only lacks a few finishing touches until it is completely redone,  It already looks sooo much better, I can't wait until it is finished!!

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