Sunday, August 29, 2010

Discovering our style

     I have never been one to follow one set curriculum, or subscribe to one person's methods or theories, which is why I am slightly surprised myself that we are pretty much entirely following Charlotte Mason's methods for our homeschool.
     I found out about Charlotte Mason last winter when I was once again online looking for better ways to teach my daughter.  I had heard about Charlotte Mason before, but always very vaguely, and I had the impression that it was a very laid back, let kids absorb what they will from nature, kind of approach. I like structure and routine, and although I believe that children can learn a great deal if left to their own devices, I don't trust in that completely for my children's education.  So basically I thought, Charlotte Mason- Not for me. 
     When I finally did start to learn about Charlotte Mason's methods, I fell in love.  It was pretty much everything I was doing already, but oh, so much better!  I had so much fun planning and getting read for this year, now that I have a definite plan for what we are doing.  Pulling resources from here and there like I did last year, was exhausting, and I always had the feeling I was leaving something out.  The end result was a stressed out and tired Mama.  Even though we are only two weeks into our school year, Anna already says she likes what we are doing better than last year, and I have had so much less feet dragging!

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