Saturday, August 28, 2010


     This is about our homeschooling journey.  This is to be our first "official" school year, since Anna is starting first grade. Although Anna is technically my only student, the twins are always eager to be a part of everything, so my big goal for this year is to learn how to teach Anna with two little one year old Dynamos getting into (and on top of) everything!
     One of my great new ideas were activity boxes.  I have six boxes filled with new and fun things that (in theory) the babies will play with contentedly in their pack 'n plays while I teach Anna.  So, the first day of school I set up the pack 'n plays, select a box that's sure to enthral them, and get ready for everything to work out just as planned. Things didn't go quite like I had anticipated.  Anna ended up being the one who was enthralled; the babies were entertained for about two seconds. I still haven't given completely up on the boxes, but for right now Anna is just way too distracted by them.
     While I am waiting for the next great new idea to hit, we continue to try and cram as much school into the babies nap time as possible.  Right now it's working, but I still keep thinking, "There has got to be a better way!" And I guess that sums up my homeschool philosophy; keep looking for the better way.

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