Thursday, April 28, 2011

    I have been reading "For The Children's Sake" By Susan Macaulay, and beginning to feel guilty for the amount of reading (or I should say 'lack of') I do with the twins.  By the time Anna was two, we were firmly established in a bed time story routine, and we were already moving up to more meaty books.  The twins on the other hand are still at the point and name stage. 
     A couple of nights ago I decided to remedy that situation and start a bedtime story routine with them.  Part of the reason I haven't before, is that the second I open a book around them, they start mauling me, each other, and the book, in order to have the prize position in the middle of my lap.  One on each leg just won't do; it's all or nothing for them.  I think however, I have figured out a trick for peaceful story times.  First I give them a bath, then when they're all cold and wet, I bundle them with blankets on Anna's bed, and then break out the story book.  This has worked so far, I think partly because of the novelty of getting a story read before they've even gotten into pajamas.  I've been reading "Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Do You Know Me?", and they really like the clear simple illustrations depicting things they know and recognize.  I would like to get some more books like that.

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