Monday, April 25, 2011


     Leading up to Easter has been really hectic this year, since we are currently remodling our kitchen. But more on that later.  Easter tured out to be a nice little break from all the insanity.
     I spent Saturday night getting the kids baskets all ready for the morning.  I love doing that kind of thing; getting everything "just right".  Everyone loves Beatrix Potter, so I got Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail chocolate bunnies, and gardening tools for everyone.  Anna also got a flower to put in her garden.  She planted tulips last fall, and they looked beautiful this spring, until inevitably the twins got a hold of them.  They have been pretty good about leaving most of my flowers alone, but the tulips seem to magnetically draw them. I just can't stop them.
  Of course, if you give a boy gardening tools, this is what he is soon going to look like.  (Note the mud plastered feet and hands)  I guess, like Piglet, he needed to get back to his natural color after his Saturday night scrub down. 

They cleaned up pretty nice though.  I love spring and all the pretty colors that go along with it.
     After church it was off to my big family get together.  I am the fourth of six kids, and when we all get together, it's loud, crazy, and very joyful.  Everyone is very close and affectionate, and very exuberant.
Here are glimpses of just a few of us.  There are seven grand-kids two and under, so that's a lot of little ones under foot!    Everyone looks after all the little ones though, and even though you might find a little one year old licking caterpillars, (Yes, this really did happen) they all survive. 

Niece Lucia and Nephew Asher
Samuel;, up to something as usual
Sister Sarah with my lovely, and very grown up looking niece, Elena

Brother Nathan with his wife, Christine.  Nathan is the "baby".

My Mother and Father

Me with my sister in law, Raquel
Abriel, reclining on her Daddy, and trying to eat an entire plastic egg

Nieces, daughter, and brother of Christine, Easter egg hiding for the little ones to hunt

Water, Easter dresses, what could go wrong?

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