Monday, March 26, 2012

History Chalkboard Drawings

     This is what I wanted the chalkboard for;  to illustrate history lessons and such.  We started reading about the War of the Roses today, and so I drew this on our chalkboard.  It was fun drawing it and finding the Shakespeare quote I wanted to have on it.  I'm not sure if this is more for Anna or myself.  I love history and drawing, and well... it's fun.  Maybe she'll get something out of it.

        On a completely different note...

     I love watching my little boy in his serious work-play.  He was loading up logs today in his dump truck, and then lining them up in the yard.  He was all business, and seemed to be doing it just for the pleasure of moving the logs.  So different from how my girls play, which is all imagination and fantasy. 

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