Thursday, March 22, 2012


     It is full blown spring here, and we are LOVING it!  I haven't had much time to blog, as we are spending as much time as possible outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  The house has been getting neglected as well, but I spent some of today bringing some spring inside.  I finally got our spring nature table set up. 
     It looks so cheery; I love it.  It was getting quite ridiculous still having our winter table set up.  The "flowering" tree was made by ripping squares out of tissue paper, and then twisting them in the middle to make a blossom shape.  I then hot melt glued them onto a branch.  So easy, and yet so pretty.
I made some root children for the table.  I've been trying to make something new every season, as it makes it more fun. There is a little Grass, Buttercup, and Violet.  The kids love seeing the characters from their favorite books come to life on the table.

Anna got further into it by setting up a scene from "The Root Children", using a snail she made last year.  Shy little Violet is hiding behind the tree. 

      I don't keep out all the children's books we have since I got tired of wading through them, and no one really looking at them, since there were just too many.  Now, I keep most of them in my "library", aka, my closet.  I rotate the stock every so often to keep the books fresh.  Today I got out the spring books, and the twins got a thrill out of seeing all the "new" books.  They're not all expressly spring books, but they have that feel.  (Well, to me at least)
     I'm so glad spring is here!

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