Tuesday, March 6, 2012


     This has to be my favorite Holling C. Holling book.  I love the lively way it's written, and the pictures are simply beautiful.
     Of course with a book this engaging, figuring out activities to go along with it is easy.  Anna has started illustrating the animals it talks about in the book.  I just bought some beeswax crayons, and so she's been using those.  Block crayons seem to be made for drawing underwater scenes, and I can see her spark and enthusiasm for drawing coming back.  Here are the ones she has done thus far.

This is Pagoo as he first appears in the book.

Here are some of the little creatures he shares the waters with.

A mussel bed.

      She's starting to find her footing in learning to use the block crayons.  They layer so well, that it makes it easy to create a beautiful glowing picture.  After we finish the book, I am going to put all her pictures in a binder, so that she can have her own illustrated book. 
      I admit I was hesitant about buying such expensive crayons, but I am glad I did.  They really are a pleasure to use; I am having a lot of fun with them myself!  The twins desperately want to use them, but I haven't let them, which makes me seem kind of mean, but it wont be long until they are in school, and I want to keep some things special and new for them then.   


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