Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nature Study - Toads

     After playing in the kiddy pool today, Anna came running in to tell me that she had caught a frog!  I went out to look at it, and this is what I saw.
     Ummm... That's not a frog. I was surprised Anna couldn't tell the difference between a frog and a toad, since we've had both as temporary pets before.  So this little guy seemed like the perfect subject for a nature study.

     I broke out the Handbook of Nature Study, while the kids took turns holding the toad.  We found out that a toad's "warts" are actually poison secreting glands.
     That it actually has five toes on it's hind feet, even though I swear it look like it only has three. 
    That when a toad is sleeping, it's eyes pop in, so that they are flat, and many more interesting fact about toads. Not the least of course, is that when it wants to, it can hop away pretty fast.
This is Anna's Nature Journal entry.

     I don't think she'll mistake a toad for a frog again, and we certainly had a lot of fun getting to hold and learn about this toad.

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