Saturday, July 7, 2012

Planning for Pre-school

     First off;  I can't believe I'm having to plan anything for pre-school.  It seems like there's no way the twins can be this old already.  I probably would have held off a little longer anyways as it is, but since they are both begging to do school, I thought I would do a little something with them.  I also have an ulterior motive with wanting to entertain them while I am doing real school with Anna. 
     I have decided to go with Before Five In A Row, as it seems to fit in with what we are doing.   I am doing it very low key.  As much as I love seeing the elaborate activities that others are doing with their pre-schoolers, I know that when it comes down to it, I just won't end up doing it if it isn't simple.  So basically, we are going to "row" a new book each week, and keep the activities very simple.  I like the suggestions in the BFIAR book, since everything is very non-academic and there is a bible lesson to go along with each book.   
     However, all the lessons require me to be right there with them, which means I'm not teaching Anna.  So I am going to arrange Anna's schedule so that she is doing her independent work while I am with the twins, and then I have worksheets for the twins to do while I am helping Anna with her school.   I am using a lot of the BFIAR resources from, and also just coloring pages and what not.  I am trying to keep everything at their level, and not stress anything academic.  I made the mistake of doing that with Anna, (Those poor oldest children get to be the guinea pigs for everything.)  only to realize that she would learn her letters and numbers when she was ready, and trying to force her to before, was only adding unnecessary stress. 
     I am curious to see how my first taste of juggling more than one student will go.  Hopefully I will be able to stick with my plan, and it won't go all to pieces on me after all the work I've put into the planning.  You never can tell how things will turn out.

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