Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Coop

     The chickens are finally out of the brooder and into the the coop! 
They were insanely happy to have room to run and fly, and sleep without getting stepped on.  The coop is almost finished; just lacking nest boxes, which will be attached to the outside of the coop.  Samuel loves the sliding pop door, and keeps on opening and closing it, which drives me a little crazy.  He reminds me so much of a raccoon sometimes, it's not even funny. 

     There is a window in the front and back for ventilation.  The door window has a panel that fits into it for when the weather is cold, and the back window can open and close.  I had to make a heavy duty screen for it, to keep the animals out.  You can see Samuel in the corner still opening and closing that pop door. (eye twitch) 
    Today's funny chicken quote comes from Abriel, as she was gazing lovingly at the chicks. "I would love to kiss a chicken, but they're too dirty. Sigh..."


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