Thursday, December 30, 2010

     Some times in the rush of every day life, it becomes easy to only focus on what ever new emergency or necessity is arising, that I can forget the simple joys of being a Mother.  This evening as I was cooking supper, plucking Samuel off from the top of the bookshelf, (that he had scaled for the third time that evening) and being so frazzled I took a swig from the jug of the "miracle grow" water I have for plants, thinking it was my drinking water. (Yuck!) I happen to look over at Abriel and see her pounding away on her wooden xylophone, and belting out a song at the top of her baby lungs.  I had to stop and just look at her, so totally unself conscious, and just living in the moment with her own little song. I love being a mother to funny little people, even when those same little people drive me batty.

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