Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Handmade Advent Calender

     About two and a half years ago I started making an Advent calender- seven months later, on Christmas Eve, I finally sewed the last tiny felt ornament.  It took a little longer than anticipated.  Granted, durring those seven months I got pregnant, with twins, spent three month of morning sickness hell, remodeled our office to be a nursery, and somewhere in that time became so huge I could hardly sit.  Still, the calender was a lot of work, but work well spent.  Every year that I have taken it out of storage I am reminded of all the time and creativity spent on it, and I am so glad the I took the time to make a calender rather than buying one. 
     Today Anna got the first ornament out of it's little pocket and hung it on the tree.  The ornaments hang on buttons that I have collected from here and there over the years.  It was nice to finally have a use for all those odd buttons. 

Here is all twenty-four of the little ornaments.  They are all felt with embroidery and bead details.  It was fun thinking up all the different designs.  My favorite is probably the gnome, or maybe the mouse or... I don't know; I like them all.


  1. Your advent calendar is beautiful! I found you though another blog, I homeschool too.

  2. I was looking at your beautiful advent calendar, I'm making one of my own. It's nice to meet you too.

  3. Baby Jesus and the donkey are adorable too. Actually, they are ALL wonderful. I LOVE the idea of hanging the ornaments directly on the Advent calendar. And, who doesn't love buttons? Brilliant!