Monday, June 27, 2011

Crayon Holder

     After desperately trying to keep the twins still and quiet for two hours during our co-op commencement ceremony, I vowed to never attend an event like that again without something to entertain them.  When I saw this felt crayon holder tutorial, I knew I had found the perfect take along entertainer.  Nothing can keep my kids quiet longer than a pad and pencil.  I keep two clip boards with a pencil on a string in the car at all times, but these are sooo much more portable and cute too.  I whipped these up quickly, so they lack a little "professional polish", but they were very easy to make.  I am keeping these in an emergency resource bag in my closet.  It also contains several books and a couple of small toys, so I can just grab it and go anytime I need two well behaved kiddos.  (I made one for Anna too, since good behavior should be rewarded as well. :)

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