Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Nature Table

     Here is our nature table updated for summer.  The Sycamore tree next to our property has been shedding it's bark, and so Anna has been collecting it and adding that to the table.  While cleaning out our shed, I found two snake skins.  Eek! I am glad the snakes weren't still in residence, and the skins make a great addition to our table.  We always have to have rocks, since Samuel lives for the love of rocks.  He collects them from around the yard, and hauls them around in his dump truck, and I am always finding them all over the house.  Maybe he will grow up to be a geologist.  The seashells are are there to evoke the feel of summer, but we haven't been to the beach this year.  I collected a bunch years ago, and most of the time they are the kids sand box toys.
I made some little peg people to inhabit our table just for fun.  Notice, there is a boy and a girl the same size, and a little bit bigger girl.  Guess who they are suppose to be?  Anna love things that match our family.  She would also like them to have faces, but I like them the way they are.  I will probably end up painting faces on them, though.  What is it about lack of faces that bother children?

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