Monday, September 27, 2010

Working out a schedule

     I am using Ambleside Online as my curriculum guide this year, and although AO has a great weekly schedule I found that I needed to have it broken down to a daily schedule.  After a little planing, this is what I came up with. It has worked very well for us so far, and I think we will be able to use it for the remainder of year 1.
     I have the subjects divided into periods, as oppose to time blocks since the time of day that we do things might vary a bit, but we always keep to the same sequence.  I have Bible first, since I find that this puts a good start to our day, and I read it with the twins present in hopes that they will slowly get used to listening to me read.  Math is next, because that is Anna's more challenging subject, and her brain needs to be at it's freshest to tackle that.  Literature is third to give her a break after doing math. Then we do spelling, as that is another subject she has to concentrate harder at.  Poetry is our break subject after spelling, and then on to penmanship.  Anna likes penmanship, but sometimes her hand gets tired from writing, so it's sandwiched in-between two non-writing subjects.  On T days (Tuesday and Thursday) the next subject is history, and then the last subject is something fun.  This is important, as it gives her something to work towards and puts a positive touch to the end of the day. 
     You might have noticed that Friday is extremely light, and the reason for that is because co-op takes up a large portion of our day, and when we get home I am too tired to do much.  However, I do have a slot for getting any extra reading that the AO weekly schedule might have that doesn't fit into my daily planing.  That way we have everything covered before moving into the next week.


  1. Very good! It looks like a great schedule!

  2. Thank you Jessica; it works for us. :)

  3. Would you be willing share your source for the schedule template? I would like to change a couple of items. Thank you!

  4. teach2001- I got it from the Microsoft works task launcher that came with my computer. It's under schoolwork planning tools, and it's called "homework schedule".