Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Medieval History

     I am really enjoying going through the history selections that Ambleside Online has for year 2.  Coordinating activities to go along with our study of the Middle Ages has been lots of fun too.  Last year Anna had trouble forming connection with what we were reading about, so this year I have been making a strong effort into doing fun "Medieval" activities as well as reading. 
      One of the things we did was celebrate Michaelmas.  We made a bread dragon, and then read Revelation 12.  Very simple; no fuss, but the kids had a blast.
     My original intention was to make a seven headed dragon, like the one in Revelation, but it ended up being a five headed dragon, as Samuel and Abriel refused to contribute their dough blobs. 
     The end result looked more like a bloated plesiosaurus than a ferocious dragon, but it tasted good!

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