Thursday, December 22, 2011

Second and Third Dolls, Finished!

     The girls dolls and their outfits are finished!  (Well, except for the snaps, which I have to go get tomorrow.)  Anna's doll is on the left and Abriel's is on the right.  I am SOOOOOOOOO glad to have these done.  I think worrying if I was going to have them completed on time for Christmas was giving me insomnia.  Never, never, ever again will I try to make so many things in December.  This really has taught me a lesson about not waiting until the last minute to do things. 


I am glad I undertook to make these dolls, even though it wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done.  I know they will like them, and that they are special, even with their flaws. 
     I also love the fact that they smell like lanolin.  It kind of gives them a real baby smell. 
     My special doll as a child was a cloth doll.  Not a Waldorf doll, but hand made and very cute. Her name was Sally. When I held her, she felt real to me, and I would swear she could change expressions.  I think a part of me really thought she was real.  I would never lay her down in an uncomfortable position, and I made sure everyone else treated her with respect as well.  I think my younger brothers secretly resented the status that my sister's doll, John, and Sally had.
     The first time I saw a Waldorf doll, (years before I had kids) I knew that I had to have one because it reminded me of Sally. 

Anna's doll from the side.  Her hair looks red here, but it's actually three colors combined; brunet, blond, and brown.

I designed the sleeper pattern for Samuel's and Abriel's dolls.  It's makes them so soft and "baby" like.   

All of the dolls have bottoms and belly buttons.

The doll dress is made with the pattern that came with the doll pattern, and it's cute, but it doesn't look like something a baby would wear.  I will probably make her a sleeper as well, AFTER Christmas.

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