Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kitchen Themed Toys

    Well, it's a week after Christmas and I am finally posting pictures of the rest of the Christmas presents that I made for the kids.  I've been very on top of things this week.  (note sarcasm)

     Hamburgers, sushi, and pot mits for the twins, and a apron for Anna.  Anna is growing out of really girly things, but still appreciates femininity, so I was hoping the apron would succeed in fitting in to that narrow margin, and it did.  She says she loves it.
     The kids have all loved their toys, and that has made the work more than worth it.  I peaked into the kids bedroom last night, and Abriel was singing the Barney theme song to her doll, and giving her kisses.   Samuel carefully brushed out his doll's hair tonight before bed, then was having him do a "baby dance" in bed before I turned out the light.

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