Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Island Story Lapbook: Part Four

     We are now onto the reign of John and Henry III.  Notice there are no numbers after John.  I think he must have effectively killed that name for future English monarchs. 
     Since the Magna Carta played such a major role in both of these king's lives, two of the three mini books were about that.  I had Anna write her own Magna Carta, and it's pretty funny and sweet.  She sealed it with beeswax pressed with a coin. 
This is the inside of the magna carta mini book.  I am waiting until we read Robinhood, to have her fill out the Robinhood mini book.    


  1. Hi,
    Your notebook looks great! We have been using Our Island Story as well. Is your notebook also a timeline...I noticed dates at the bottom? I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your resources along with the corresponding chapters I think my daughter would benefit so much from this!
    Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. Yes, it's also a timeline. I'm working on getting all my materials organized and put online for others to use. The time period is from William I - Richard III, but I am hoping to continue it next year as well.

  3. Just wondered if you ever got this up? We are using Our Island Story this year and would love to do this too. I didn't see it on here anywhere but thought maybe I missed it. Would love to use some of your resources too. It looks wonderful!!

  4. Any chance you put the links together to make a lapbook for Our Island Story? It would be an awesome resource!