Monday, January 16, 2012

Fossil Museum Fun

     To give Anna something to look forward to in persevering through her school work,we decided to take a special field trip to a museum at the end of each semester.  Unfortunately, things kept popping up on the week-ends to prevent us from going on our first museum field trip, until Saturday, when I said, "I don't care what comes up, we are going to a museum today!" So we packed up the kids, and went to a fossil museum I had been wanting to see, and looked kid friendly.  Before we left, Anna asked me if there were going to be any dinosaur fossils there, and I said I didn't think so; probably just the fossils of pre-historic mammals that have been found at the site.  This was the only mention made of dinosaurs, yet, two hours later when we pulled up to the museum, Samuel was nearly jumping out of his skin with excitement over wanting to see dinosaurs.  Sometimes it's amazing how much he takes in, without seeming to pay attention to anything.  I was a little worried that he would be disappointed, but fortunately to a two year old, all skeletons look like dinosaurs. 
      The museum was very neat, as it was.  The dig site where the fossils were found is a part of the museum, and you can even tour that, but we didn't as the wind was just too bitingly cold to walk around some dirt piles. 
Here's Samuel inspecting all these dinosaurs (aka; bone fragment models) displayed on a chunk of lime stone.
An actual tapir jaw bone found at that museum dig site. Pretty cool.
Here the kids are digging for "fossils".  There were a lot of hands on activities like this that the kids loved.
Abriel and Dave checking out a very awesome rhino skull.
There were also some very neat rocks, which I could have spent a lot longer looking at.  I love rocks.
Just look at that sparkly pyrite. 
     And at last...  The long awaited for... Dinosaur!

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