Monday, October 19, 2015

Preparing for Halloween

     It's that time of year again.  Seems like October has just begun, but the reality is, we're over half way through.  We spent yesterday carving out pumpkins, and enjoying the beautiful but brief sunshine.

     They love scooping out the "guts".  The slimy goopyness of it all.  Last year we tried cleaning the seeds and roasting them.  It really wasn't worth the effort.  This year we just let our hens have a treat.
     Dave came out and serenaded us, and everyone was happy, except for Anna.  She had aimed for something really grand with her pumpkin this year, and it didn't go as she had envisioned.   

     Anna's is the middle one.  It has a tree, moon and stars, and an owl.  I think it looks great, but not quite the Pinterest perfection she had imagined.  Which is frequently the case. 
     I spent today trying to get the kids Halloween costumes made.  Anna is going to be an owl.  She's very into owls, so when I saw this really neat  bird wing tutorial online, I suggested she go as one.  Now I'm wondering what on earth I was thinking.  There's a lot of feathers in those bird wings, and I haven't even started the sewing them on part. 

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