Friday, October 23, 2015

Felt Leaf Garland

     The kids have been really wanting me to decorate our house for fall.  Apparently, "Everyone else's house has decorations up, but ours doesn't."  "Everyone" being a couple of friends of ours.  So we got some Jack O' Lanterns  for the out-side, and I told the kids that if we got the inside looking clean and pretty, I'd do some inside decorating too.  They helped out and got the house clean, so we got some pretty little gourds, (Samuel has named all of his) and I made this leaf garland with the twins while Anna was getting her allergy shots.  It was so easy, the twins were able to help a lot, and it didn't take long to make. 

     First we gathered leaves to use as patterns.  We have oak trees, so that's what we used.  Then Samuel and Abriel traced the leaves onto freezer paper, and cut them out.


     I then let them iron on the pattern to different leaf colored wool felt. 
I cut out the felt.  Samuel really wanted to do this step, but wool felt is hard to cut through, and I really wanted them to turn out nice, so I did this part.
     After we had about 16 leaves, we then lay out the leaves on the floor in the order we wanted them.  I had the twins take turns handing me leaves off the floor, while I stitched them down the center with the sewing machine.   
     All that we had to do then was hang it up!  Super easy and quick, and pretty, too.  It's also a good way to use up felt scraps, if you have a bunch, like I do. 


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