Monday, November 22, 2010

Fridays are Free Again!

     Our Homeschool Co-op is through with the Fall semester, and we won't be resuming until the Spring semester (starting sometime in February).  It gives a nice little break; one I felt like I especially needed this year after teaching two classes with a combined amount of twenty-three students.  ( Hats off to class room teachers; it's nothing like teaching your own at home.)  Both were baking classes, for lower and upper elementary. We had lots of fun making many messy deserts, and I decided to give each of my students a cook book that included all the recipes we made together.  I put all the printed recipes into clear page protectors, and bound them in the colorful folders you see here.  After stuffing 276 pages into plastic pockets, I realized just how happy I will be to not have to plan a lesson every week. At least for a little while.  I have already signed up to teach a Nature Class next semester.  Now that ought to be interesting.

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