Monday, November 22, 2010

Tea Time With Toddlers

     I like tea time.  I find it's a nice little pause between lunch and dinner; a time ti sit down and relax while having a bite to eat and sip some delicious tea.  I love tea.  We don't do it once a day (I tried that once, and it ended up being way more work than it's worth) or even once a week, but I do try to do it at least a few times a month. 
     Today I made a coffee cake on a whim, and decided it would be the perfect accompaniment to some tea.  And since I was feeling adventurous, I decided that instead of giving the twins a sippy cup of milk to drink, I would give them their own tea for the first time.  In their very own breakable tea cups.  Surprisingly enough, no disasters happened, and they just loved being big enough to join us for tea.  They liked the tea better than the cake! 
     Of course there were occasional lapses in manners... but hey, they're one!

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