Friday, November 5, 2010

Time Outdoors

    The past few days I've been feeling winter creeping in on us, as the beautiful crisp days of October have turned into the cold soggy days of November.  I must admit, I am dreading winter this year, not just for the cold, but because with the cold means more time inside.  There will probably be a lot of days that we wont be able to go out at all.  The girls will be fine with this, but Samuel needs to be outside at least some every day.  He is never more content than when he is playing around in the dirt, or some other busy outside task he has found.  And he is never more discontented on rainy days when he can't go out at all. Then he's a terror. I'd hate to raise a child like Samuel in a city.
     Charlotte Mason advocated getting out even in rainy weather, and where as I don't see anything wrong with this per se, I just don't particularly like going out in the rain. Especially winter rain.  I wonder if Miss Mason did, or just recommended it for other people.  At this point in time I can't send the twins out even if there are puddles on the ground, as they drink out of puddles.  It's embarrassing, particularly in public, but I can't seem to break them of it.  Maybe they'll grow out of it before winter hits in earnest... Maybe.


  1. I'm trying to live this out more faithfully this year. I find that even a short time makes a world of difference in all of our attitudes. We're lucky that for the days we aren't heading to a park that though we have a very small yard, it is fenced in so I can send the children out without me (though I stay in the kitchen so I can still keep an eye on them.) We also have a front porch that they can play on when it rains so they at least are still getting fresh air and can be loud and jump around, even if they can't run. I know these things might not quite meet the standard of Ms. Mason but it's a step in the right direction that I hope will pay off as they get older and can be more independent. My husband is from Alberta so doesn't even count our PA winters as cold which is also something that encourages me to send them out when the "cold" weather comes.

    The puddle drinking sounds cute, not being the one to have to deal with it!!!

  2. I've come north from GA, so I am a baby about the cold. The kids don't seem to mind it though.