Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Late Spring, and All That Comes With It

     I have been spending a lot of time outside lately, planting shrubs, staining cabinents, and what not.  It's lovely being able to enjoy this beautiful weather and increasingly longer days.  I see the school bus pass by after we have been working and playing outside for hours, and think, "What a pity."  It would be so sad to have to miss out on lovely spring days.
     During school time today I thought it would be good to spruce up our nature table, and make it look a little more like outside.   It had been looking pretty shabby, with Anna adding some stuff to it that I would really have prefered left outside, and Samuel making sure to sprinkle dirt everywhere and rearange the rocks daily.  He loves rocks more than any toy. 
     The play silk that I had been using on it has long since been returned to the play room, so I desided to do without a cloth.  All our flowers are pink and purple right now- very girly.   I love my irises.
     All this extra sunlight has it's down side too.  The twins wake up at the crack of dawn, no matter what time that may be.  Lately it's been 6:00.  Not being a morning person, it has really started wearing me down. I have set a 10:00 bed time for myself, in the hopes that if I can get eight hours of sleep, I will start feeling a little less dead and on edge.   Maybe this morning will be overcast.  One can always hope.

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