Thursday, May 5, 2011

Looking for a Cure for Boredom

     Lately I've been hearing a lot of, "Mommy, I'm bored."  And while I strongly believe that creativity blossoms out of boredom... Still, I know that there can be precious little for Anna to do around here sometimes. 
Last night, in desperation for something to do, I taped numbers on the kitchen floor in order to make a hop-scotch game.  Anna said, "Now all we need is a bean bag for it."  A bean bag is a cinch to make, so I thought I would make up a few, then create something more permanent to do with them.  ( The blue letters on my kitchen floor are nice in all, but I don't think they'll become a permanent feature.)

So today I conquered my fear of power tools, in order to make this bean bag toss board.  There are some power tools I don't mind using, such as the electric drill; but anything to do with a saw I usually leave to my husband.  However, he has been working to much lately that he is never hear long enough to do anything but sleep, so if I was going to get this done any time soon, I needed to do it myself.  I used a jig saw to cut out the circle and trim one side, and as it turns out, the jig saw is very easy to use.  It kind of reminded me of using a sewing machine. 
     All the materials were stuff that we had on hand.  I didn't buy anything for this project, which makes it my favorite kind.  The board is about 20" by 30", it has a bag on the back to catch the bean bags, and a carrying handle. 
     I am finding out that I have terrible hand eye coordination.  Anna can beat me hands down.  This is probably why I never played any sports.  Of course, she thinks it's just hilarious how awful I am. 

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