Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tree Lapbook

     Anna is going to be doing lapbooks this summer for her more in depth nature studies.  She will still be keeping a nature journal, but lapbooks are just so much fun.  I can imagine for some children they would be torturous, but Anna is very crafty and creative, so lapbooks are a great fit for her.  In fact, she has retained the information she learned through making her first lapbook so well, that I have decided to incorporate them into many of our school subjects next year. 
     Here are a few pictures of her tree lapbook.
The cover


      She has now turned into a little tree conservationist.  We were driving by a place in town where they are grading the land to build a couple of new stores, and Anna was horrified to see the woods that had been there completely gone.   She said, "I know they have to have space, but did they have to cut down all the trees?"  Good question.

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