Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn Nature Table

     Our Autumn nature table got started a little late in the season, but it has only recently really started to look like fall with the leaves changing colors.  The little guys love the acorns, leaves, and the little tiny pumpkin that came from our garden. (We didn't exactly have a bumper crop) I think the sugar maple leaves are beautiful.  These came from the park, as we don't have any maples in our yard.  Every leaf is a beautiful shade of yellow or orange.  The whole tree just glows.
     I am learning to like Fall more as time goes by.  It used to be a sad season for me, as I dreaded winter so much, but if you take fall by it's self, I don't think there is a prettier time of year.


  1. I enjoyed my first visit to your blog today. We must have a similar style with some Charlotte Mason/Waldorf mesh of schooling ideas, toys and decorating. You do a wonderful job keeping up with hand crafts, which I am sure is no small feat with twins! I have five children and very little "extra" time to make anything out of the stash of felt and wool in the craft closet.

  2. Thank you, Tracy! The only way I am able to get anything done, is due to the fact that my kids go to bed early. Other wise it's just go, go, go.