Monday, October 31, 2011


     Another year of Halloween fun.  Samuel and Abriel were a knight and a princess.  I had considered making them Apollo and Artemis, but thought they would have fun playing with these costumes all year round.

Anna was a Luna moth.  We were joined this year by my sister and her family.  Her son, Asher, is only three month older than the twins, and he and Samuel wore matching crusader costumes.  Her little one year old was a princess as well.  They all looked adorable, but we couldn't get them together long enough for a picture. 

The idea for Anna's wings came from those wonderful fairy wings that Sarah's Silks makes.  Anna's wings are made out of a re-purposed flannel sheet.  I thought since she was a moth, that a slightly fuzzy material would be appropriate.  Samuel's hood is a copy too.  I saw this neat chain mail hood at the The Wooden Wagon, and I thought, "I could make that!"  It's where the whole idea for their costumes came from. 
     People always ask me where my ideas come from.  Well, the truth is, I am very good at borrowing other people's ideas.  I love the internet!

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