Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Toad

     We have an interesting pet; only it's more of a visitor than a pet.  Can you see him hiding in the daylilies?  He (or she?)  showed up a month or so ago, and has been coming back every so often, to visit with us.  It's a common American Toad, but what makes this little guy so unusual is that he seems to like people.  He lets me hold him, and he likes to hop around our porch investigating things.  He seems to be very curious.

Here he is sitting in my hand

Even when held close to the ground, he didn't hop away!

Of course, I had to do a nature study on toads after seeing one so close.  This is Anna's picture of our toad.

This is from my nature journal. I sketched him from life, since he was so still.
(The pictures of the toad were taken with Anna's toy camera, since that was all I could find at the time; hence the fuzziness)

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