Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Samuel and Abriel!

     My babies are three.  It doesn't seem that long ago that they were tiny little babies; not running, talking, singing, memorizing Bible verses, learning to count, toddlers. 

    They got their Birthday measurements done.  Abriel has kept her lead on Samuel.  I wonder if at some point this will bother him.  He sees himself as older, or at least more capable at doing things, and Abriel is more than happy to let him open doors for her, or pour her a glass of milk, so I don't think being a little shorter will bother him much.

     We had a very simple party for them, which I think they were able to enjoy more than if I had gone all out.  I made some permanent decorations this year, that all of the kids can have for their Birthdays.  This banner was fun and easy to make.  Even better because I didn't have to buy any thing to make it.  It was made from scraps I had leftover from other projects.
     The Birthday ring I bought from an Etsy dealer.  I love it.  The wood is so beautiful. I made the decorations for it.  I had a lot of fun thinking of what to put in it.  The snowman is because their birthday is in the winter, the heart is for February, the squirrel and the bunny are just because they like those animals, and of course there is a number three.  I also have a little picture of them as newborns.
This picture was taken when they were just a few days old.  Maybe I'm biased, but I think they were the most beautiful newborn I've ever seen.  When I was looking through the old photos to find one to put in the Birthday ring, Anna looked at baby picture of them, and said, "I miss them."  I know how she feels.  They are babies for such a short time, and then they're not.  However, as sweet as they were as newborns, I don't think I would like to re-live that time.  Newborn twins are tough.  That whole time is sort of a hazy blur. 

      Here's their cake.  Two little squirrels sharing one acorn.  Kind of like their life.  Being twins hasn't always made them the best sharers, but they are definitely familiar with the concept.  The idea for their cake came from my desire to not use dye in it.  I've been trying to cut back on the amount of dye the kids eat, and so I couldn't see avoiding pre made food with too much dye, and then adding a bunch into something I made for them.  Anna's birthday cake this year was simple, as she wanted a cheesecake (Yum!), but I wanted to do something a little more kid themed for the twins.  A girl cake is easy because you can dye it pink with raspberry or strawberry juice, but what can you do for a gender neutral cake?  So a snowy cake, (It's white!) seemed like the perfect solution.  They like snow, and they have really been into fir trees since Christmas.  When we are driving around, every fir tree they see is a Christmas tree, and they get soooo excited about a tree they see in the highway median.  We have tons of squirrels, (too many) so that seemed like a perfect animal to have on it.  I sprinkled coconut on everything to make it more snowy.   I think it turned out cute, and it was so easy to decorate compared with other cakes I have done in the past.
It was good too!  The cute little boy in the middle is their nephew.  He is two months younger than they are, and they just looove him. 
     They were so excited about their Birthday this year.  So much so, that next year I'm not sure if I'll tell them they are going to have a party until seconds before the guests arrive!  They woke me up at FIVE O' CLOCK in the morning, asking, "Is it Birthday party time?!"  And they continued to ask that about every five minutes, until it finally was BIRTHDAY PARTY TIME!

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