Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Medieval Studies and Quill Pen Writing

     This semester at our homeschool co-op, I am teaching a medieval history class to 3-5th grade boys.  There is a heavy emphases on knight and medieval warfare, since it's an all boys class, but I'm mixing in a lot of general history as well.  I though I would share some of what we are doing for anyone who might be interested in doing a medieval unit study with their kids.  I am letting Anna do all the activities that I have for the class at home, since it ties in with what we are doing in history. 
     So, for the first week we learned about Alfred the Great.  For a corresponding craft, I got some goose quills at Michael's, and cut them into quill pens. Here is instructions on how to make them.  We then made ink from soot and honey, and practiced writing with the quills.
     Here is Anna writing with her pen.  She wanted to write by candlelight, to be more authentic.  She is writing on these pages I got here, which help you make a medieval style booklet.  It also gives instructions on how to make the ink, but I think if you got the soot like they recommended, (by holding a spoon up to a candle) it would take you weeks!  I cheated and used soot and burnt wood from my outdoor fire pit.

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