Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

     Valentines Day.  Usually not my favorite holiday, (not sure why; maybe it has something to do with all the pink cheesiness) but this year I got into it a little.  I found some info and worksheets on St. Valentine, who was killed for performing marriages when it was illegal to do so; hence the romantic aspect to the holiday.  It made me feel a little fonder towards his day. 
        For the kids, I made these little felt pockets with cookies and notes inside, and then hung them on the kids bedroom door, to be discovered in the morning.  The twins were thrilled to find them, as of course, anything to do with cookies is great!  Anna didn't like hers.  I think she was disappointed that I had made her something, and she wasn't able to finish what she had been working on for me.  So she quickly finished it that morning, and gave it to her Daddy instead. Ah, motherhood! A thankless job. Anna is so sensitive and emotional, and all I can think is, "She's eight! These are suppose to be the good years, what will she be like at thirteen?" I shudder to think.
       For Dave I made his favorite kind of breakfast, (sausage, eggs, biscuits, and gravy, all from scratch) as this seemed to me better than getting him a card.  After all , you can't eat a card.  I had Anna help me make the gravy and get the table ready, and that helped perk her up. 
        On a completely different note; I have a raccoon (!) living in my attic.  We are trying to trap him (or her), but so far, the wily bugger has managed to get the food out of the trap without getting caught.  I can hear it right now.  I never thought I would be sharing my house with a raccoon.  I'm not sure what we are going to do with it once it's caught, but I am envisioning some pretty cool nature studies.  Then maybe we'll take it far, far away, and hope it never returns.  You can't help but admire such a clever animal.  I am just waiting to see what it will do tonight.

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