Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Coon

     We finally caught him!  He managed to get the food out of the trap without getting caught about four more times before he finally got trapped.  Abriel, who was terrified of raccoons because of all the sounds in our attic, (Every time raccoons were mentioned, she would vehemently say, "I hate raccoons!") fell in love with it once she saw it.  Samuel was heart broken at not being able to keep it, but he seemed to feel better when we explained that the raccoon had to go live in the woods, where it would be happy.  We did take it to some woods about 10 mi away, but something tells me, that this coon will be seeking civilization soon enough.  He is a little too fond of garbage. 

     Here he is getting ready to go bye bye.  See all the insulation in the bottom of the cage?  Apparently he spent his night in captivity grabbing all the insulation as far as he could reach, and putting it in the cage.  Grrr.   So long Rocky. I won't miss you.

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