Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's Moon

    This is a little on how we combine Waldorf and CM.  Anna practices her penmanship by writing a few lines of a verse or favorite poem (which is CM) in a Waldorf style main lesson book.  She writes on the lined sheet, and then illustrates what she has written on the blank sheet.  She absolutely loves her new Lyra colored pencils.  I thought the crayons might go to the way side with her, but she still uses them, even in conjunction with the pencils. 
    I enjoyed seeing how she chose to illustrate the poem she wrote today.  It goes like this:

The night was growing old,
    As she trudged through snow and sleet;
Her nose was long and cold,
 And her shoes were full of feet.
First of all, I was a little surprised she chose this poem, and then, as you can see above, she drew a moon with feet.  In her finished picture, the moon is carrying a lantern, surrounded by snow flakes and rain.  I would have never pictured a walking moon, but that is one of the reasons I am glad that her poetry book is not illustrated, so that she is free to imagine what she will.

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